Privacy Policy

  MantraForLIfe Ltd.  –  Privacy Policy   This document details the company’s privacy policy which aims to protect the details of its customers that are provided  when they are making a reservation for the various  retreats  and activities that the company organizes.  
  1. The details that customers are required to fill in when making a reservation are needed for the approval of the the reservation  and for making a payment.
  2. The information is provided voluntarily by the customer for the purpose of receiving the services from the company.
  3. The use of the information is for the purpose of providing the services to the customer in accordance with his/her requests and needs, and for sending invoices/receipts as required by law.
  4. Access to the information is for authorized employees of the company only and a personal password is required.
  5. The information held by the Company is securely stored for future inquiries